Meal Planning

What’s on your menu?

I have been trying really hard to create healthy weekly menus. Should be easy right? H-dubs is kind of a picky eater and it’s my first time dealing with that. It has changed my whole way of cooking and right now it’s pretty bland. So I am starting over… 
less red sauce, more white sauce
less cheese, more bread
less gravy, more flavor
less processed, more scratch
Some of our menu items or the next week: 
Crab Salad
Turkey Bacon, Mushroom, Spinach Quiche 
Pan Fried Steaks
Teriyaki Chicken Stir Fry

It might not seem like much on our menu, but there’s just the two of us so by the time I make these and we eat the leftovers the week’s up! We add in cereal (Frosted Corn Flakes H-dubs fav) eggs, and snack to make up the difference. I’m not a big fan of wasting food, in fact you will learn that I HATE wasting food. So we eat it till it’s gone or make it into something else! 🙂 

 What’s on your menu?

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