So H-dubs and I have been living together since January and before that neither of us had lived with one of the opposite sex(amaze balls, we know). So those than our brothers and sister (which, who really pays attentions to the boring stuff they have) we had no idea what boring things the opposite sex uses and feels important. Bringing my back to the main topic ….razors.

H-dubs like to shave his head and I mean to the skin. Does he need too, no, but he likes too. So he needs better razors than the $1.00 for 5 pack that I use to shave my legs. Razors are expensive! After doing so hunting around we found this online razor club that would send us 4 replacement blades each month or $6.00. H-dubs just got his first box and so far we love it. If you are looking for decent prices razors for guys or gals check out the link below.

Dollar Shave Club 

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