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Birthday Freebies!

So H-dubs and I are homebodies. We love to spend our weekends with each other at home making wonderful meals and memories. However every once and while one of us needs some space. With my birthday being this week we had a lot going on food every where, people in and out and lots of social events. Because of all that H-dubs asked if he could have the house to himself this Sunday. 

I saw this as a golden opportunity to use all the birthday freebies that were emailed to me. Usually I use one maybe two of them but I thought I could keep myself occupied for a whole day spending very little money. Let me tell you…. it was awesome! Here is a little list of what I scored! 

 Mexibite Donuts – Taco Johns
$5 off anything – Gordmans
$5 off anything – Bed Bath and Beyond
Bakery Treat – Panera Bead Co
Full sized Calvin Klein Mascara – Ulta
Personalized Magnet – Shutterfly

I ended up in a few other places finding some awesome clearance deals, so I would say all-in-all it was a good day. In the past few weeks we have been taking advantage of all the random freebies that you get along the way and it is awesome! 🙂 

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