Twist on Holiday Gifts Part 2

Are you ready?!? I know that I am. My biggest fear is running out of time to get some of these great ideas done. It’s not that my family would be upset without gifts, it’s more that I LOVE giving them. 

Did you or someone you know have a big life event this year? (Bridal Shower, Wedding, Baby Shower, Funeral, Major Birthday) Did you keep the invitation, program or other paper product. If you did check out this great idea to gift it back to them and create a keepsake they will treasure.  

I LOVE how Christy Robbins from Glitter to Gum Drops took a wedding invite and created this amazing ornament. The best thing is they could display it all year round, not just during the holidays. (Click here for the link)

When I made mine I used extra large plastic ornaments from a local craft store and added some glitter or gems in the colors of the event. 

If you try this I would love to see what you create! Post pictures below. 

Share your thoughts!

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