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180 days a year …. ok i spend more time than that at school!

In real life or at least in as real as my life gets for 180 days or a little more a year I am an elementary school counselor. WHAT does that mean do you ask?!?! It means I do whatever is needed to make sure all my little munchins are take care of and can learn as much as possible in those precious days.

After years of working in human services positions, it’s only my second year as a school counselor, I’ve learned that to ward off burn out you need to keep kind of a strict separation of work and home. However with that being said I do something at home…. 🙂 It’s hard not too….

Even though it’s the middle of summer I have been working on “I Can” Statements for each of my lessons. My goal for this year is to have an “I Can” Statement for each lesson to help maximize learning. Look below for snip it of my planning.

PS. Don’t judge my “I Can” Statements. I haven’t had any training on them and I’m kinda piecing it together as I go. 🙂


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