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Morocco Favorites America Favorites

Now before I even start I would just like to say that these are the things that I think are better in one place or another. No one has to agree with me…in fact Hdubs doesn’t agree with me on half of these. However as we keep going from one country to another there are certain things that if I could I would make sure were in both places. 🙂

Morocco Favorites

Scented Vaseline – (Ok I know some of you are thinking “WHAT?!?! they use Vaseline!”  Yep we do and we like it.) Stateside there is regular and sometimes you can find cherry flavored in those little (totally overpriced) chap stick containers. However in Morocco you can get lemon scented and rose water scented. Let me tell you finishing a nice rose water pedi with a little rose water scented Vaseline, it’s nice. (Hdubs not approved)

Soda – Morocco has the best flavors! Green apple, indian tonic, ever kind of lemon you might want, and something called Orangina which is like this light fizzy orange juice. The only problem is none of these come in diet.

I miss you already!
I miss you already!

American Favorites

My Oven – I miss the set it and forget it of the electric oven. You know how hot it is and you know how long it needs to cook and it’s no big deal if you open the door.

Ice – I love ice cubes and frozen water. Ice is hard to find in Morocco and it’s always a hard adjustment for me.

Air Conditioning – I’m sorry I know I should be able to live without it… but sometimes I just need to stop sweating for a little bit and cool  down.


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