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New School Year – New Goals

It might seem a little different story of my life instead of creating new goals at the first of the year (January!?!? that’s the middle of the school year and end of my short vaca!) I start with the new school. When I’m feeling good and inspired to make great changes.

Goal 1- Be Healthy 

At first this goal was going to be lose weight, but really it’s more than that. I want to lose weight, start eating healthy as a family and get a strong body (working out)


Goal 2 – Learn My Prayers


I’ve kinda been putting this off or at least no putting enough energy into to as I should because it’s hard. In the last year and half I have tried to learn how to pray in Islam but I have not put enough effort into it. I could give you a lot of excuses but really I just need to start getting serious.


Goal 3 – Stick to our Budget 

Notice how it doesn’t say live frugally because that usually screws me up. Instead I want to stick to our budget, pay off some bills and bulk up our savings… just in case a MooMoo comes before we expect one.

(MooMoo a Moroccan slang word for baby)


6 thoughts on “New School Year – New Goals

  1. Good luck with your Goals hun – great post. I do the same as you, just posted tips on getting the best bod for my next University year! I think it’s been proved that people actually stick to things better when made in August/September time rather than January! So go us :)x

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