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Meal Planning Break… WHAT?!?!

I am taking a risk this month. Hdubs is hanging out with his family a little longer which means that I am on my own in the little place of ours. Now don’t get me wrong I will miss Hdubs but I am not going to waste this time. I am going to get started on those goals I was talking about it.

Weight Loss (inshallah… If God Wills)

So I had a Groupon Coupon which is like gold extra money off already reduced prices! You would be crazy not to use it! So I was looking around and decided that I would try one of those meal delivery programs. After looking at a couple of them and deciding that I don’t have it in me to be a vegan. I chose Personal Food Trainer. Judge if you must but I have already made the jump. I chose the “Rev” plan. It doesn’t include eggs in breakfast or snacks. So I have decided that I am adding 2 hard boiled eggs to breakfast and three snacks per day. (Snacks- 3oz Almonds, One String Cheese, and One Apple) So I’m not following the plan to the letter but the plan also says you should only walk about 3000 steps a day. Well my fitbit says that without trying I get 6000-7000 and when I try or am just busy I get 10,000. So I don’t think the extra will be too big of a problem.

Look for updates. 🙂 Let the 28 days begin!


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