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The Denstist – We did it for the money

I have been very blessed in my life and not only been able to get dental care but I have had really nice dental care. I am used to small dental offices with one or two maybe three dentists.They have always offered good quality care and taken the time to explain each procedure. Hdubs has not had these privileges, so when he got here we knew there would be some alot off catch up.

When we started Hdubs got to see a dentist that was just awesome and gave the kinda of care talked about above. However a year in we moved. We got great new jobs in a wonderful new area with all new insurance. We had two choice for dental insurance one with $500 more in treatment each year. Not that we choose for the money but really we did. $500 a year will help alot in our game of catch up. This was a new plan for one of our employers and the insurance guy gave a good talk so we went with it.

It’s a different kind of care. It’s not the wonderful caring environment that we are used too. It’s ran much more like a business where decisions are made for you not with you. They have 15-20 dentists and just as many teams of assistants and hygienists to go with them.  You have to make sure you ask all the right questions or you might not get the care you were looking for. We are not treated like equals in the treatment planning we are treated like extras that don’t really need to understand the plan just sign off on it.

With all that being said the actual dental work is of a good quality and there is more money for treatment. So we signed up for a second year. Yup we did it for the money. Now before, at and during ever appointment I have to keep reminding myself that we are getting good dental work done, even if it’s not the care we are used too.  However after this year the money won’t be as important anymore and I am excited to change.  I miss the smaller places where I am a member of the team and I think Hdubs does too.


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