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Personal Trainer Food…. a truthful review

So for the last month I took a break from meal planning (Hdubs was out of the country so I only had to worry about me) and I bought the Rev Plan from Personal Trainer Food. I’m going to give a truthful pro/con list of the program so that if you are interested you can make an educated decision.


Nice water bottle comes with the set.

Low sodium

High quality frozen veggies

Nice protein choices – My favorites being Cranberry and Cognac Sausage, Fajita Chicken Strips and the Garden Turkey Burger

Sweet Garlic Veggie Sauce – It was good, added flavor and a little went a long way.


Not Enough Food – I was so hungry! The program says you should only take 2000-3000 steps a day while on the program, however the ad says “unless you are a pro football player you won’t be hungry on this plan” – Lies! I had to add protein and snacks

Hamburgers – they were kinda greasy and I wish I could have ordered something different.

Delivery – It comes in one extra-large box packed with dry ice. – You need gloves to unpack it. I was ok with that part but I had 3 packs of veggies that broke open in transport and 5 packs of veggies that were thawed when they arrives. I was home went the food arrived so it didn’t even need to sit outside until I got home from work.

The Frosted Flakes box is from Sams Club and is just a reference point for how big the box was.

Space – The ad says that all you need is a regular freezer on the top of a fridge to store the products in …. lies! My freezer was empty and it filled up fast! I had to keep the first week of veggies and two weeks of protein in the fridge. They say that you can’t keep the veggies in the fridge but I had no choice and they were ok.

Over all the food was high quality but it wasn’t enough to keep me full for a month. I wanted something that I could quick microwave so I wouldn’t be stopping for fast food and it more nutrients and less sodium than a month full of Smart Ones or Lean Cuisines. I wouldn’t pay full price for the program and I’m not sure that I would order it again, but I don’t regret giving it a try.

Let me know if you try it out. I would love to hear your thoughts.


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