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Natural Healing, Essential Oils, Witch Doctors – What do they all have in common?

In the States right now there is this huge essential oils craze to say the least. Anything that is wrong with you or you might even think might go wrong with you in the next week there is an oil for that. I’ve been to some classes and I own some oils and I do think that they have positive effects. There is also this idea of going natural and looking at getting all the chemicals and “fake stuff” out of the things we put in and on our bodies. All of this is great however it’s not that far off from the old world healers also known as witch doctors and magic healers.

How do I know or at least have an opinion? I’ve seen them. I’ve been to the long lost places at the end of a dusty winding 1000 year old path to the little shop with all the herbs and minerals, powders and potions that you would need to cure anything. I’ve met some of the women to “prescribe” things to make your cramps go away, to make sure gifts from rude family members are not cursed, to help you get the naughty out of the child that you can’t control.

What I have realized is that the words we might use to talk about our problems might be different but we are all looking for the same solution. In the States we talk about getting ride of the chemicals that are ruining our bodies and in other places we talk about the spirits and forces of nature that we need help fighting off. Either way we want our families to be healthy and safe.

The best part is we use similar things. Some of us might have the money to buy pure oils and put them on our families feet when they are ill and some of us might get different mineral and herbs and burn them in the house when our families are ill.

Witch doctors have this magical and scary stigma around them, but really they have learned their craft from years and years of ancestors who are only trying to help.


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