If I had an intern

I was talking with a colleague the other day and we got on the topic of if we had interns. We are both overachievers who don’t do well with nothing to do. I said that I love the idea of sharing my things with someone and helping them finish their schooling. BUT …. what would I do… I mean at first they would need to watch and learn the job, but interns have done practicums already and they have a good taste of the job. So they would start doing things pretty quickly. Even if they just taught and planned the classroom lessons, I would have a nice chunk of time on my hands.

At the end of last school year I was asked by three different people if they could do their internship with me… but I had not held my licence long enough to say yes. Even with the rules clearly saying that I had to say no, I still felt bad. That means that this year I might get asked again and I will want to say yes. Between knowing that and the chat with my colleague I realized I need a just in case plan.

So if I had an intern I would plan some if not all of the following things: 

School-wide Career Day

Life sized game of life for 5th grade (Student would get a career, house, car, budget… happy surprises, bad surprises… all to really understand what

Multicultural Day

The Great American Smoke Out

A Totally Awesome School Website

A Monthly Pupil Services Newsletter


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