Scones… Scones … Scones …. Oh how I love you!

I have a love affair with scones… in case you didn’t get that from the title. We have moved around a lot in the last few year but in each little town there has always been a good bakery to get scones from. However since we have moved to a bigger city I have had a hard time finding scones that are real scones. I found tiny chewy scones… not great. I found $4.00 scones, never found out what they tasted like. I found a lot of places saying “Sorry we just ran out” or “Oh we only make those on the third Tuesday on each month”. (For real!) So in classic fashion I started to make them.

1st try … Bake and Take from the ready-made cookie dough section at the grocery store. – Just like ready-made cookie dough, they left A LOT to be desired.

2nd try …. Paleo Scones …. (we are roughly following the 21 day fix in this household so we thought we would give it a try) they we nutty and really not bad for a nutty muffin or bread… but that crusty warm soft crumbly scone of my dreams.

3rd try …. Winner Winner Chicken Dinner! I found this recipe while internet hunting on Saturday night, and tried it on Sunday morning. (We are not vegan, but these scones are.) They took about 7 mins to whip together and 21 mins to bake…. OMG they were everything I have been dreaming about. Check out the amazing recipe from The Miniature Moose. Seriously this will be my go to recipe for basic scones. I followed the second recipe so I’m not sure about the first.

**Because there was coconut milk in the recipe, I thought they would be more coconut flavored. They ended up being plain, but delicious.  I know that for a fact because mom was here and she snuck an extra home with her cupcake. 🙂 Micheline from The Miniature Moose also give some great ways to add flavor to these wonderful scones. If you enjoy the pastry goodness at all be sure to check it out!


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