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New School Year …. New Theme in the Counseling Office!

Last year was my first year as a school counselor and I didn’t change much from the counselor who was there before me. I have learned from past positions that its best to take some time and figure out why things are being done in a certain way before you change them. Now with that being said I am going into this year with guns a blazing.

Not only will the counseling office have a whole new theme but all my classes will coordinate with it. I noticed last year that there was a lack of community among our students. Because of that there were tons of peer issues and drama. So we are going into this school year with a teamwork mindset.

I spend a lot of time putting together bulletin boards. ( Which I HATE doing!) So that each class could have a sport and when they came to guidance and worked as a team following directions, voice levels and body basics they could earn a ball for their team. After earning 5 balls we will have a 2 minute dance party! We will be doing more breaking into groups and projects were they have to work together.

I found a basketball hoops and a baseball diamond to decorate the room with too! So far the kids have been loving it.

If you have any team work inspired lesson plans or projects, please leave them in the comments below!


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