Are you RAMPING? … NO

ACSA I truly love you and I mean that… I might even pay to become a member. (That’s a big compliment in my world) I even love your RAMP program and what it challenges us to do, but I have to do it on the down low. I mean guys you have a BIG price tag for that thing. I get it… there is a lot of work that goes into each application, but $400 is a lot for my school to dish out!

What is RAMP? – It’s this great program that ASCA (American School Counselor Association) has put together for school counseling programs. There is a lengthy application and if you do it right you can become a certificated program for 5 years. RAMP looks deeply at the counseling program and make sure that it is aligned with the national standards and benchmarks and is data driven. Once you have a solid program in place I would recommend taking a look at the RAMP stuff because it will take you to the next level. CHECK OUT RAMP HERE

Now that being said (which if you read a lot of Uniquefootprints I feel like that’s my tagline!) I’m RAMPing with out the title. Last year I got to attend a 4 hour workshop on RAMP. It was great! It really helped my understand how school counselors and pupil services teams should be thinking about data. After thinking about all the wonderful information that they shared, I am ready to start moving in that direction. No we are not going to fill out the RAMP app. (Not never, just not yet) But we are moving in a whole new direction.

We created three goals. We will be collecting process data, perception data and outcome data.


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