Fasting – Hard but worth it

Fasting is part of several religions. Each one practices fasting in a little different way. In Islam there is the month of fasting where you are required to fast, other times where it is recommended to fast and sometimes you may fast when you are looking from something from Allah (God).

In Islam fasting is when you abstain from food and water from sun up to sun down. (There are many more complex way to explain it, but for the purpose of this post I’m keeping it simple.) If you are going to fast you would wake up before sunrise for a protein heavy meal and glass of water. You would wait to break your fast until sunset and when you break your fast you start by saying BismAllah (in the name of God) and eating a date.

With all of that being said we just had the opportunity to fast in celebrating Moses parting the Red Sea. We fasted Friday and Saturday. Thankfully I had Friday off and was really able to focus on my fasting. Fasting is hard and that’s the point. It gives you time to reflect on what others face everyday. For me there is a headache that comes somewhere in the early afternoon with an exhaustion that I don’t normally feel. It is hard to keep working and accomplishing things. When my body starts to feel run down I start to think about those who go hungry everyday.

Fasting has taught me so many things and has I continue to fast I stay grounded. When I fast I am so much more conscious of what I use to fuel my body. When I fast I am more aware of what my body needs and how my body reacts to things. When I fast I am reminded that so many people go hungry every day and yet they still have to work and care for others. Finally when I fast I am much more focused on Allah (God) and how I can work him into my life.

Fasting should be a sacrifice given to Allah (God) in order to receive his blessings. For me it doesn’t feel like a sacrifice it feels like a blessing.


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