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Missed Me?!?!

Let me tell you …. I missed you! We have had a lot going on over here and when push comes to shove… family comes before blog.

Let’s update:

Hdubs did not come home on his projected date of Oct 3rd. His arrival date was pushed back to Dec 5th. I’ll just let that sink in for a minute. He did not come home….. Now please don’t get me wrong we are not getting divorced or anything, we are just having growing pains. All new couples have these growing pains, they are just easier when your two families are closer to each other. — Check out my next post for more.

My dad has been spending 2-3 days a week a our house for the last three months. I love having him, but it also means there is more going on. Hdubs workings nights so I usually use that time to work late, work out and blog. Dad works days and it excited to try new restaurants and shop for the holidays. (I also gained 10lbs)

Holiday Prep… ok I know we are Muslims, but when your whole family is Christian you still have some holiday stuff to do. Also I love the lights so I decorate for winter and use lights. Added bonus things stay up longer.

Quick weekend trip to New York to meet Hdubs and spend some quality time together. Not as romantic as we thought because we forgot about the time changes… ie. 9:00pm in New York is 6:00pm in Wisconsin and 3:00am in Morocco. That translates to me watching Hallmark movies and Hdubs sleeping in our fancy hotel room.

Any way what I am trying to say is that I will be better at keeping in touch in 2016!




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