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Andie Mitchell … love you!

So as I was in search of the best whipped frosting I crashed in to a new blog that I truly love! Andie Mitchell has what I think of as a fancy blog with fancy recipes. Normally skip right over these because I don’t have time for the mile long list of ingredients just to make some brownies.

However for some reason I kept looking at her blog. Not only did I keep looking but I chose to make her frosting (which had more steps then I normal like but I really want to find my frosting). Then I read her bio and realized that we could be besties.

“Hi! I’m Andie! Welcome and make yourself comfy! Here you’ll find healthy recipes, and a few rich desserts, too, because life is short and cake exists. 10 years ago, I lost 135 pounds naturally,”

Please stop over and check her out! I love all aspects of her blog!

Andie Mitchell


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