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Welcome 2016 … We are ready for you!

I love self reflection…. I mean I am a counselor! However I struggle with putting those things I reflect on into practice. Life gets crazy and old habits take over! I’m no going to say that won’t happen in 2016 but I am going in with some new tools.

New Motto: Be Present and truly focus on those you care about.

New Personal Mission Statement: (still working on it …. with the help of Franklin Covey!

Commit 30 Planner – This great Kickstarter project that I was lucky enough to get behind.

52 List Project – I have two amazing cousins who stumbled upon this project and set up a group of like-minded ladies to go through this year long project together. I am hoping for some growth and inspiration.

A 5 year Journal – There are many ways to do this, but I feel in love with the simplicity of this book from Amazon. Then this amazing woman I know gave it to me as a Christmas gift!

Now for the goals: 

  1. Make one new change each month towards being healthy.
  2. Learn my prayers and learn them well.
  3. Be present 80% of the time.
  4. Start saving money and using what we have to the fullest.
  5. Be the best wife I can be.



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