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Dear Wisconsin, We need some good press.

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It been a rough couple of years for my favorite state. Between all of the article banning Wisconsinites from drinking contests because we are too good at them. (That’s not something to brag about – FYI) Our governor and his interesting ideas to better our state.  To now the Netflix series Making a Murder. (That I feel like everyone in America is watching right now.) Also Steven Avery is not the first big name criminal to come from our little land of cheese.

I feel like the only things we have going for us is that Donald Trump is a New Yorker and the Packers. I mean piles and piles of snow is not making our state look like a great place to live.

I hope people can see through all of our poor press and see the wonderful things I see. Such as small towns full of kind people, Friday night fish frys, cranberries, cheese factories.

If you are thinking of coming to visit check out this article from Midwest Living of the Top 20 things to do in Wisconsin.

Before you visit you might want to brush up on your Wisconsin Trivia with these 50 Facts.

If you need a place to stay check out 121 Wisconsin Inns, B&B’s and Unique places to Stay. (Hdubs and I are making our way through this list!)




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