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Stack Cooker to the Rescue! … Meal Planning

Tuperware… not just for your grandma’s kitchen. I just had a tupperware party and let me tell you… IT WAS AWESOME!!


All of the items in the picture I got for free just because I had the party. Now I don’t really understand their new Date Me campaign, but I do LOVE their product. I mean a pressure cooker that works in the microwave! Now that is ever Moroccan American’s dream right there!

Now I didn’t not get the pressure cooker, YET, it’s most likely in my future. However I thought that first I should start using the stove top one that I already have. I did get the stack cooker. So in honor of my stack cooker this week’s meal plan will be based around things you can make in it!

I am getting a little help from the tupperware blog it’s self.  Enjoy!

Main Dishes- Upside Down Stuffed Peppers

Arroz con Pollo

Sausage & Peppers


Side Dishes- Cheesy Polenta

Pesto Potatoes

Dessert – Lemon Raspberry Cake



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