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Date Night running Errands

Usually I do all the running around on weeknights or in the mornings before Hdubs gets up. (He works second shift and sleeps it off on the weekends.) I save Walmart for us to do together. Hdubs loves him some Walmart! He loves the prices and he loves that there is a store like that in Morocco but it’s hard to get to and expensive.

Anyway… It will NEVER happen again! I needed to go to Woodmans, Copps, Piggly Wiggly, Sams and Walmart. I also wanted to check out something at Festival and maybe Barnes and Noble…. we NEVER made it. Hdubs added fleet farm to the list, he needed some new shoes.

We started at Fleet Farm… shoes done. Bus pass at Copps… done. Groceries at Piggly Wiggly is where we started to unravel. Hdubs likes the idea of bargain shopping until we do it. The Pig was having great sales on all the stuff we eat (apples, yogurt, bagels, eggs, milk, dinner rolls) however as these things were going into our cart Hdubs’s eyes were getting bigger and bigger… I love Hdubs and we go through a lot of healthy food in a week so it’s nice to buy it on sale. However from this day forward how the food gets into our house and stays within our budget is my thing.

He can still help unload the car. 😉

#DateNight #Never


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