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Wisconsin School Counselor Conference

WOW!!!! I am still recovering from the whirl wind that was my first Wisconsin School Counselor Conference (WSCA).

Things I loved:

  1. So much information! I can truly say that I got something out of every part of the conference. The pre-conference was a different story (see below).
  2. The exhibits! There was this whole sea of tables and booths with tons of free things and knowledgeable people.
  3. Meeting other school counselors and learning how they accomplish the same job. Some counselors you meet make you thankful for how good you have it. Others inspire you to look within and become a better counselor.
  4. The hotel! (Ok so there were so many school counselors …. really I don’t know if I can make that clear enough.) The hotel was so welcoming with nightly receptions of wine and beer, cheese and crackers and cupcakes! The hotel was truly above and beyond my expectations.

Things I learned: 

  1. Bring your own lunch. – Lunch on the first day of conferences was crazy and I just don’t think I could handle all those people and lines again. Not to mention lunch was out of pocket and I didn’t love any of the options. I ended up eating some potato salad and candy from some of the booths.
  2. Be ready to rush. Sectionals fill up fast and when they are full they close the doors and you have to go else where. These counselors are smart and if something is a hot topic they will be lined up at the door ready to get their spots.
  3. Bring a bag. Holy swag school counselors! There are tons and tons and tons of booths. They not only have a ton of great freebies but they also have a ton of great info and knowledgeable people sitting at the tables!
  4. Skip the pre-conference and just dig into the real thing.


I will see you again next year WSCA, but this time I will be ready.


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