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Self-Care Sunday

Self-Care Sunday

Oils, Creams and Lip Balm

This weeks self-care Sunday is all about things that make your skin feel good. Especially in the winter. (Please remember I live in the frozen tundra)

Some times all the pent up stress in your body starts making it’s way out through your muscles and things get sore. When I wake up and find it hard to move my neck or that my back hurts I run to my Deep Blue essential oil from Doterra. Truth be told most of my oils are not from Doterra, but I was gifted this one and fell in love with how fast it soothes my sore muscles.

If you have been following self-care Sunday you know that I am working out now…. but that means that some times I hurt. When I need something to help repair my joints or tissue from a workout gone bad I run to Herbal Muscle Massage Pain Relieving Gel from Arbonne. Way better for your body than Bio-Freeze and I think that it’s stronger too.

I love the Frozen tundra but I do not love the chapped lips that seem to come with. I love this DIY Mega Moisturizing Lip Balm from The Beauty Bar. I apply it before bed and leave it on all night. (Plus it was super EASY to make!)

Take care of yourself!



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