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#sickday struggle


I got sick… not really a surprise, right? I work at an elementary school, it’s the middle of winter and the kids are getting sick. Here’s the hard part… I’m the counselor. When I am sick or out of school I don’t get a substitute counselor to come in and take my classes and my case load.

Every time I get sick, have professional development or need to take a personal day I go through this internal battle. However no matter what I choose it never feels like the right choice. If I stay home and feel better I have anxiety about what’s happening at school and what I will be returning too.  If I got to school I feel bad because I am not giving my best self to the kids or my coworkers. (I am also not doing what’s best for me.)

So as I sit here with my essential oils on my sick day emailing and catching up on computer work, I pray all is going well at school.

#sickday #struggle #school


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