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List 9 – 52 Lists Project

I have been participating in this 52 list project with some amazing women. Some weeks it’s hard and I don’t want to make the list and put the effort in. Some weeks I love it and can’t wait to make the list. I loved list 9 so much that I felt I really needed to share it.

If you needed to make a list 9 what would be on yours?

List 9 – list the things you treasure most. –  In the order that I thought I of them… (Ps. I loved this list)
My wedding ring
My education
My freedom
My American passport
My family
Mohammed’s family
Our health
Our faith
My personality
My marriage
My friends

Take action: how can you honor the things and people you love most? Spend time this week thinking of ways to surround yourself with treasured items, people, etc.


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