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I am in this daily battle with heartburn. I have tried Tums it takes the edge off in the moment. I tried Prilosec ad it works for about 1/2 a day. I tried Nexium and it works but only on the days I take it …. if I stop taking it after 14 days my heartburn rages on.

I have tried modifying my diet and that works until life gets in the way. Responsibilities pile up and there is never enough time. I’m tired. I want to eat carbs, I don’t want to drink water and eat a fruit bowl. I run and run and run to get ALL THE THINGs done! But then I am tired and I still need to get up and do ALL THE THINGs AGAIN!

So I end up here……

Two coffees and a Nexium deep because tea isn’t strong enough. I make it through the day and try again in the morning.

So I raise my large black coffee in honor of tomorrow being a better day. A day where I eat more fruits and veggies than carb and drink more water. Tomorrow




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