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Moroccan Wife Fail Friday


SPICES —– Moroccans use alot of spices that American’s done really use daily. (Tumeric, Paprika, Cumin, Ginger and Saffron) I got used to using them when I lived in Morocco and we use them quite frequently in our house. So much so that we have the ginormous bottles from the Islamic grocery store.

The ginormous bottles were my down fall. I was making a hash to use up the left over veggies from the week, I leaned down picked up the bottle of tumeric and sprinkled it on the hash. Any other time this would have been fine, but this time instead of opening up the side you sprinkle from I opened up the side you take tablespoons from! There lay about a 1/2 cup of tumeric on my hash.

20160130_183403 (2)

Tips for when this happens to you: 

You cannot scoop out all the extra. -see small mound of tumeric on the spoon rest

You cannot save it by adding more potatoes. 

You cannot save it by adding salt. 

You can only save it by turning the burner off and letting it cool while you go get a pizza. 


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