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30 days of gratitude – Day 1

It’s been six months since November and if you need to remember every November social media is taken over with gratitude projects.  It’s like November comes around and everyone remembers to be a little kinder and say thank you more. (People start drinking the Kool Aid)

Of course spreading kindness is not a bad thing… it’s actually a really great thing. It makes social media less crabby and gets people to focus on the good in their life. Which leads me to the 30 Days of Gratitude Project.

For the next 30 days there will be a question posted encouraging us think about things we are grateful for. I’ll post my answers and I would love to see yours too.

Question #1 – What smell are you grateful for today?

I have two…

Hdubs – knowing that 6 months ago we were spending time across the ocean from each other having his smell in our house is amazing! When I come home from work I smell his cologene in the hallway. When I go to bed I smell his scent on our sheets and pillows.

All the oils! I love being able to smell essential oils. They are so pure. They help Hdubs and I feel better in so many ways.




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