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Interventions Interventions Interventions

All we talk about at school is interventions. Which students are getting what intervention? How are we giving the intervention? How are we tracking the intervention?

At first I thought I could track everything online. Everyone is going paperless and you can use Google Docs from just about anywhere, but it didn’t work. I didn’t always have a computer and if I did I didn’t always have time to find and pull up the document(s). It seemed that I could have been working smarter instead of harder.

So I found some printables, stuck them in a binder and tried to use those. It was easier to track, but the forms were really great. They weren’t school counselor forms, they were Math and Reading RTI forms. I really needed school counselor forms. I also realized that I don’t like using binders, but I really like making books using the binding machine at school.

All of this lead me to creating an Intervention Notebook: School Counselor Edition.Intervention Notebook

(Get it here)

I printed mine out on cardstock and used the binding machine to create my notebook. (I use cardstock because I like to write with colorful markers and then it doesn’t bleed through.) However for all you binder lovers out there, it would create a beautiful binder too!



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