30 days of gratitude – Day 7

Question #7 – What memory are you grateful for?

Wow – what a hard question…. I really had to spend some time thinking about all the different memories that I have and I realized that when asked a question like this I only have positive things that come to mind.

I am so grateful for my great-grandmothers house and being able to remember celebrating the holidays there. I am grateful for the sleep overs that I remember with each of my grandparents.

I am grateful that I will always have memories of Hdubs dad before he passed away.

I am grateful for time spent with people that I love. I can remember when some of those people joined our family and I can remember when some of those people had to leave our family.

I am a better person because of all the friends who have come and gone. I will be forever grateful for the ones who stayed long term.

I am grateful for the memories that my American Passport allowed me. I have been able to explore different parts of the earth, meet different people and experience wonderful things.

Memories are something I think about often. One of the things I struggle with is having to keep something tangible to go along with each memory. I am working keeping more memories and less things. However I believe that I will always have beloved tokens that are attached to memories. Scarves from far away places, confetti scraps from a party, place card holders from weddings. If you could take a tour of our house you would realize that our decorations are expensive things from stores that sell millions of the same thing, but priceless tokens of travel, friendship and love collected along our journey.

What are your most cherished memories?




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