30 days of gratitude -Day 11

This is usually where I start to drift…. I wake up thinking I will keep posting about what I am thankful for or grateful for but by the end of the day it never makes it. Once I miss one day it becomes easier and easier to miss more days… then all of the sudden it’s been a week … and then I just hang my head in shame until the month is over.


Question #11 – What holiday are you grateful for?

um… I would say that I am extremely grateful for New Years… It brings with it a fresh start for the next 365 days. It gives you a chance to reflect on what went well this past year and what you would have changed.

When I first read this question my answer was my dating anniversary with Hdubs but then I realized that an anniversary is not really a holiday and grateful is not a strong enough word to describe how I feel about it.


Share your thoughts!

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