Moroccan Wife Fail Friday


This fail was big like I mean epic… I mean the kind that when all is said an done not only do you still have the project to do but the whole house smells like boiling vinegar. GROSS!

So before it gets to warm out I like to clean the oven… I really only do this twice a year once in the spring and once in the fall. Thankfully I have only had self-cleaning ovens so I have never had to use those nasty cleaners. However I never really loved how the self cleaning feature worked. I always felt like it left something to be desired.

Which lead me to pinterest where I learned about steaming your oven. It sounds like a great idea. Place a metal dish of water and vinegar in the oven heat the oven to 350 degrees for 1Hr. Let the water boil and steam up the oven really well then take a rag and wash out the oven with some more water and vinegar.

Ok so metal dish is in the oven. Oven is heated to 350 degrees. Hour one is over and its not boiling… there is no steam… so I leave it in for another hour and turn it up to 375. At this point I have both ceiling fans on and all the windows open because of the warm vinegar smell.

Hour two is oven … still no boiling water and no steam. I open the oven and it’s hot the air is moist but I wouldn’t call that steam. To try and salvage this decide to try and wipe down the oven.


It’s a fucking hot oven! What ever idiot claims to swear by it enough to post it on Pinterest and brag about how easy it is should come over and clean my oven. 

I did manage to get the inside of the oven door cleaned. All the grease melted off and it’s beautiful. The rest of the oven, however still needs to be cleaned. So not only did I not get that checked off my to do list, but the whole house smells like a vinegar themed spa.

Fast Forward – HDUBS comes home from work.

Hdubs gets in the car after work and asks me how my day was. I say “Great. I talked to my Mom, my cousin and two friends about this weekend. Your mom and sisters called to say hi. Oh and I tried this new way to clean the oven with steam and it didn’t work very well. I will have to re-clean it the regular way tomorrow. ”

Hdubs- “What do you mean steam clean the oven?”

Me- “You kinds put water and vinegar in the oven let it create steam and it should melt the grease off, but it didn’t work.”

Hdubs – “So instead our whole house smells like boiling vinegar… you should have lead with I create a small disaster at the house today and now it smells.”

So Hdubs crowned this one an official Moroccan wife fail.  – Thanks for your support. You could clean the oven.

Ps. We will stick to using the self cleaning feature in the future.




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