30 days of gratitude – Day 20

Question #20  – Who in your life are you grateful for?

Wow – I feel like in the past four years I have really come to terms with the idea of only holding on to healthy relationships. When I started working in the human service field I quickly realized the need for self care and how important it really is. There is no way I can deal with big intense things at work and come home and deal with the same things. I’m not saying that every relationship that has drifted apart was an unhealthy one. Some drifted due to space or moving or life changes and there are some that I truly miss.

However I can honestly say that I am grateful for each and every person in my life right now. I am also grateful for everyone who has come and gone from my life. Even if our only experiences were awful you were put in my life for a reason. I have something to learn from each meeting. I only hope that I am taking those lessons and truly learning from each interaction.

Who are you grateful for?


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