30 days of gratitude – Day 22

Question #22 – What story are you grateful for?

When I was little and I got to have sleepovers at grandma house I always looked forward to the hour after bed time. When grandma would be laying in bed with us telling us bedtime stories. Those are some of the most precious memories that I have from when I was little.

The stories were always amazing and full of detail. I thought she had made them up herself until one day when I finally asked her. I was given an assignment to write a fairy tale so I thought I would write my favorite one that grandma used to tell us. So I thought I would call and have grandma refresh my memory. Super glad I called … turns out it’s not her story….. her mom used to retell her fairy tales when she was little so she learned it from her mom. Not only that but her mom learned it from the Grimms Brothers. 🙂

The story I knew was called one eye, two eye and three eye and it’s a little different from the original (which you can read here) but I still love it. I love the story of where it came from more.

What story are you grateful for?


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