30 Days of Gratitude – DAY 30

WOW! I made it! I have never finished one of these challenges even though I start a ton of them! 🙂 Super excited over here! If you have been reading along or even better answer too congrats to you too!

Here is our last question:

#30 – What talent or skill do you have that you are grateful for?

Wow nothing like saving the hardest question for last… sitting here thinking or really trying to think of an answer all that comes in to my head are my short comings or things I would like to be considered. I love to do a lot of different things but I’m not sure I have talent or skills in those things.

However after some really thinking I would say my best skill is being resilient.I am able to problem solve and adjust to changes. I have made enough mistakes and wrong turns to figure out how to quickly and creatively find solutions.

Alright friends … for our last question… What talent or skill are you grateful for?



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