School —- What should you do?

It’s that time of year… if you are open enrolled you need to re-apply. If you want to open enroll options start to open up and school that your children attend are sending notes home asking if you will be back next year.

How do you even start trying to figure out what’s best?

Public School Private School Home School No School

You have  school options, first take a step back and be thankful. Second do your research to see what option will fit your family the best.

Be thankful that you have the time and the ability to think about options. Be thankful that your child has options and be thankful that you know and understand those options. I get tons of questions about different types of schooling and the pros and cons. Below I listed the 4 big types of school that I have the most knowledge about and what I think the pros and cons are.

Public School I believe in public school. Yes in recent years education has had lots of hot topics and people have lots of thoughts about whats going on, but more importantly public school has someone bigger looking over things. Public schools are connected to large networks with lots of experts who are all trying to find the best way to educate your child. Public school can offer your child special services is school is hard for them. Public school is connected to your community and all of it’s resources in case your family would ever need a little extra help. Not only that but all of these things are available free of charge to you. 

Private SchoolYou are going to pay more… uniforms, supplies, field trips, and extra services usually cost more. If your student has special education needs they may receive less services at a private school because the access is different. If you have a typically developing student, they may receive a more challenging and personalized curriculum because they are attending a private school. Private school generally come with smaller class sizes but they also have less paraprofessionals.

Home School – This can be a great option, but you have to be ready for it. You have to be ready to commit your time and energy to creating experiences, understanding the material and providing social interactions to your child. There are wonderful home school networks full of caring parents who work together to educate their children. There are curriculum that you can purchase or you can create your own. There is a lot of freedom that comes with home schooling, but make no mistake it is not easy.

Maybe your child is attending virtual school. So it’s not really home schooling but you are still responsible to make sure they are getting their work done. Virtual school can be a great option to make sure you child is getting the academics, but you can also supplement with some great hands on activities too. If life allows when Hdubs and I have babies I would home school for at least some of it.

No School – No school should every be an option. To give your child the best future you can they need to be in a school or education program some where. That could be with you on your kitchen table, in a classroom at your local elementary school or in a classroom at the private school that you feel the best about. 

I know that school starts at kindergarten and before this year if you would have asked me about 4k I would have given a different answer. Last year was the first year that 4k was in our elementary school. So this year we were able to see what a positive difference a 4k in an elementary school can make on a student. Our kindergarten students who attended 4k at our school last year had a clear advantage. They knew the building, they recognized the teachers and they knew the basic rules already. However more than that they were ready for the classroom. They had gotten a taste the year before and were confident when they walked in on their first day. After watching our students this year I have been come a huge advocate of 4K.

No One School/Every School in County – I understand that you might get upset with your school. You might feel like you want to pull your child out of school and put them into a new one. I get it. But wait, don’t be the parent who gets upset on Friday and on Monday they are in a new school. Don’t be the parent who has six elementary school in their district and their child has been in all of them. It’s not good for your child. It’s worse than whatever all those schools did to make you keep changing. Sometimes you need to change schools, but don’t ever make the decision when you are upset.


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