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Cookies Cookies and More Cookies

Ramadan Prep

When it comes to liftor (aka the meal where you break your fast during Ramadan) in our house it’s pretty simple. Hdubs really enjoys dates, juice or smoothies and cookies for liftor. I’m a little more traditional (funny ’cause I’m the convert) and still enjoy soup for liftor with a hard boiled egg and some juice.

A big part of my Ramadan prep is making cookies! Cookies are so awesome because you can make them ahead of time and freeze them in small batches. This year I will be making

Almond Mhencha Pastry

Gazelle Horns Cookies

Almond Ghriba (Mlouza)

No Bake Coconut Date Rolls

Moon Shaped Cookies (no bake)

Cookies with Apricot Jam

AHHHH my list is huge! I mean Hdubs will eat every cookie that I make but wow I may have bitten off more than I can chew.  However since it’s been colder than it should be for May I will be starting today just to heat the house up.

All of these recipes come from my favorite Moroccan cook, Alia. Her website Cooking with Alia is amazing and so easy to follow. She posts recipes and video tutorials making her recipes super easy to follow. As always clicking on the name of the cookie will take you straight to her website where you can find the recipe.

Ramadan M’bruk InshAllah (Enjoy Ramadan, If God wills) 



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