I guess I needed a reboot

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Since the end of the school year I have been exhausted! I mean that last week was like running a marathon. I really felt like it snuck up on me this year and I could have used an extra week. Reports that needed to be done, parents that needed to be called, last minute summer plans to set up for kids, supplies to round up and having to take the time help with kids who are struggling or need a break.

I had been doing really well at not drinking coffee. I was down to one-two cups a week… until that week of school. When I spiked to 2-3 cups a day… I know it’s a big jump but so was the amount of time I have spend at school. (7:00am – 8:00pm 3 nights that week) So that may have had something to do with my in ability to get off the couch every morning this week.

At school both of my offices had to be packed up because both are moving. One is being built and the other is going to the opposite end of the school! I think the locations will be perfect for next year but it was crazy trying to get it all packed up. There were lots of meetings that had to happen to transition kids to different grades, schools and places. Field trips with no parent chaperones and kids without permission slips to do. End of the year celebrations and graduations all things you want to be a part of but when you are going between two schools you can never be in two spots at once.

Now that we are a week and a half into summer break I have taken some time to reflect on why this school year seemed to be so stressful and out of control compared to last year. I watch some of my co-workers who seem so calm and put together. They have their healthy lunches, they don’t drink coffee, they have time to work out every night, they always seem to have this well balanced calm to them. I want to be like that next year and I need to figure out how now. —I have now idea how I am going to do but I do know that I want my school year to be balanced.

Next school year I want: 

To drink 120 ounces of water each day

To eat a healthy balanced breakfast, lunch and snacks each day

Get 8 hours of sleep each night

Make time to pray, read and journal each day

Make sure all of my surroundings are beautiful.

Not loose my shit in December or May 

—I’ll let you know my miracle plan to accomplish all this when it comes to me. 🙂 

Leave my some suggestions in the comments…. because I know you have them.



2 thoughts on “I guess I needed a reboot

  1. On my to-do list on my phone, I have the item, “Breathe.” I put it there when I had muscle spasms in my neck and shoulder and needed to do breathing exercises every day to help it release. But I’ve left it there. Because just seeing it on the to-do list reminds me to take a second and regroup. I guess it’s like a mini-reboot during the day.

    Because like you, I’m juggling two campuses and like you, I fell apart at the end of the school year and went back to all my unhealthy habits. My body then decided to step in and help… I’ve had a cold for no less than THREE WEEKS now.

    So if you don’t do mini-reboots, your body apparently will do a hard reboot, and trust me, it’s not fun at all. 😉

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