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My Daily Balance

I’ve been putting a lot of thought into creating a daily balance throughout my entire year. Currently balance seems to be something that I find during summer vacation, winter vacation and spring break. As soon as I get balanced, healthy and feeling good the stress comes and I fall apart. A big reason why I fall apart is because I can’t shut off my work brain. Life starts to become all about work and surviving.

That needs to change. I have so many things that I love to do outside of work and I need to stop pushing those aside and start doing them. I love to craft, read, journal, write, cook and bake. If you took a good look at my house/computer you would see that I have tons of half-done projects that I need to finish, books that I mean to read and recipes that I want to make.

Even more importantly a whole part of me person that is being neglected and that SUCKS.

So all of that being said I needed a plan.

I have thought about several different things and I landed on taking 15-20 mins to have a quiet time every day. During that time I am going to read a little religious material, reflect on my day and journal to let go. I want to do this first thing when I get home. Using is almost as a way to start my “home time”.

I looked around and realized I have a lot of really cute empty journal laying around so instead of creating my own journal, I am going to use one of the beautiful ones I already have. If it was just as easy as saying I am going to journal and picking out a cute I would most likely already be doing this … right?!? So I knew I needed to take another step to ensure my success.

I put some thought into what I really want to get out of my quite time and my journal. All of that lead me to this


I will be pasting this into the front cover of my journal so I have a guide for my daily time.

If you feel like this would help bring some balance to your life get your free printable here.


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