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Road Trippin’

Wow this week was crazy. Last weekend we drove across the state to attend the wedding of one of the kindest and more sincere couples I have met. The groom has a special place in my heart because he always greets HDubs in Arabic. That may seem like something so little but it truly means the world to me us.

It was a little complicate (all things that we do seem to be a little complicated) because it’s Ramandan (the month of fasting). So we attended the ceremony, skipped dinner and went to the reception after we broke our fast. My wonderful mother had the fore thought to save us some cake and flavored popcorn.  The reception was great. We laughed, dance and just had a really good time.

The best part was that my aunt and her family where staying in the same city for a softball tournament. They were all coming to our house the weekend after, so we ended up road tripping home with an stolen teenager in the back seat.

Being that it was only a three hour road trip it was kinda small but we made the best of it. We stopped by the World’s Largest Talking Cow and heard what she had to say.


I assumed that I would put my quarter in and she would moo, but she told us this whole story about her history and the worlds fair. I would have been better prepared to listen if I would have known… so really I missed most of what she said. 🙂 It took totally cleaning out the car for us to find the first quarter so there was no second chance.

We also had the chance to stop at a bar and restaurant that my Great Aunt (God rest her soul) used to own. Since I was driving it made it easy to stop and educate Hdubs and the teenager on the importance of the now crumbling building.


Hdubs and the teenager window peeped and explored a bit while I talked about having big holiday celebrations at that place. It was a little sad to see what happened to it in the years after it was sold but we took some nice pictures and a couple of flowers before loading back into the car for our last hour and half ride home.


We I saw lots of other things I wanted to stop and take pictures with but my passengers were not quite on board. It was a fun little trip, that’s for sure.

Well fun until we got home and the oil light came on…..




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