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The Oil Light Came On….

I would just like to start with I hate cars… I don’t understand them …. I don’t want to learn about them… I don’t want to pay for them… I just really want something that looks nice, works nice and takes me from point A to point B without breaking. I would really love it if it came with a guy who took care of it too. I mean I can handle getting it washed and filling it up with gas but anything more than that I would like the guy to do.

Since that is now where near my reality cars make me crabby.

So like two years ago we started hearing about this oil leak and because I know nothing I took it to the people who know more than me (yes I know I’m 30 and should know stuff…. stop judging me IT’s RAMADAN) (People who know more than me = Grandpa, Dad, Uncles).

Those who are smarter than me said it’s no big deal just check it and put some oil in it from time to time… that seems easy enough so that’s what Hdubs and I have been doing. Every things been working fine… now the light comes on.

You know when the light comes on that everything is bad. Your stomach starts to hurt and it’s bad. So we added more oil… the light still came on… so we added more oil… the light still came one… and I’m not really sure how to read those dip stick things… plus I think ours was broken. so we I add more oil… all the oil comes through the bottom of the car…. NOT GOOD! Oil is all over garage floor and the light is still on…. I call and make an appointment for an oil change. I HATE cars

So I go to the really nice garage that we like and trust… (I am already crabby because I expected to hear an ear full about the oil being all over the bottom of the engine) However apparently there were lost of other things broken on the car too… GREAT! So our happy thoughts of getting paid off in two months and sailing off into the sun set without a loan payment were crushed like candy canes at Christmas.

So I left with my laundry list of problems in hand …. quote to fix said list and a sad face. Normally this is when I would get a coffee or iced tea to help fix my problems.. however that was off the table. So I pull into the Chevy garage an say that I want to talk to a man about a car.

Three garages, six test drives, two overnights “to try them out” and one Uncle (dad of teenage house guest) to help later. We have a SUV!! Yes my friends our small road trip turned into us buying a car. Who would have seen that comeing!?! #wehavenoluck #takeaftermygrandma

Not going to lie I really love the SUV that we choose. It was a great deal (Thanks to said Uncle) it’s got some pretty cool bells and whistles that I never knew I wanted and Hdubs is happy with it too. Now we have some manual reading to do.**

** We drove it to tarawi prayer at the Mosque last night and it rained. This is why you read the manual before you drive the car. #howdoyouturnthewiperson? #didyouknowtherewasawiperbackthere? #wehavesomereadingtodo 



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