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I make my own, Thanks!

So one of the numerous kitchen adventures that I have taken in the past year as to do with broth.

Since Hdubs and I have been cohabitating we have been doing a lot more cooking from scratch with fresh ingredients. (Our grocery bill is proof.) That also means that we have a lot of vegetable peels, cores, ends bits and chicken bones laying around. Ok so maybe they are not really laying around they are more like smelling up my garbage.

With all that going  on in my kitchen and that I have always hated the idea of paying for broth. (Why should I pay you for flavored water that I use up soooo fast?) So usually I use bullion and water instead of broth… I know the flavor is not as great but it is what it is. I started thinking … I should be able to create my own broth.

Armed with google and all my scraps that I had been saving in the freezer I set out to start my new adventure. There was SO MUCH stuff out there! However in the end things were easy enough… keep the scrapes…. once you have enough for a crockpot full .. throw them in and cover with water…. leave on low for about 10 hours…. let it cool and bag it up.

So I tried it …. IT MADE SO MUCH! It also tasted great and was so handy to have in the freezer. I never had to worry about if I had it for a recipe and it tasted to much better than bullion.

I just finished my second batch and felt like I really needed to share because it’s sooo easy and tastes so good. So if you need more directions than what I scratch out above, see below.

Chicken Veggie Broth

  • 1 gallon ziplock bag full of veggie scraps and chicken bones
  • 1 crockpot
  • 1-2 liters of water
  • 4-5 quart size ziplock freezer bags
  • 1 strainer
  • big bowl
  • 9×13 casserole dish

Directions: Empty the ziplock bag into the crockpot and cover with water. Put crockpot on low and leave for 10 hours. After 10 hours let crockpot cool until room temp. (about 4 hours). After everything is cooled to room temp. place strainer in the large bowl and strain contains of the crockpot. Throw out all the items strained out of the crockpot. Measure out 2 cups of broth and place in quart size freezer bags. Label and lay flat in casserole dish.Place casserole dish flat in freezer and leave in freezer over night (or until broth bags are completely frozen). Remove bags from dish and put back in freezer.

** I freeze mine flat so they are easier to store.



One thought on “I make my own, Thanks!

  1. That’s a great idea! I’ve always hated throwing out the pieces too and store bought broths are loaded with salt and msg. I’ve saved the bones before and used them to make soup the next day but never thought about freezing it. Thanks!!!

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