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Part 2 — Faith Reformed

“Please remember this is an account of my journey so there might be something that touch your heart or upsets you below. It’s not meant to stir the pot, it’s meant to account for the journey that I took to get where I am. That is all. “

I am not hater.. I have a sassy mother and say things I shouldn’t, but truly hating someone is hard for me. So being in a county where I am surrounded by all of these wonderful people who have this same beautiful faith that I have seen in my own church in my small town. At first it was hard for me to understand why these people would worship someone other than Jesus… and what would happen to them when they died? It broke my heart to think that they would not be allowed in the gates of heaven.

After alot of reading and research I realized my core beliefs. (If you missed it read Part 1 here

You would think that once I understood what was in my heart I would know where I stood in regards to religion. However I didn’t … I was only more confused. It was at that point when I can across a book that helped bring clarity to what I had been feeling. This book not religious text, but I book that three women came together (with a different mission in mind) and ended up writing it. If you have not read The Faith Club I would recommend doing so. I think you will really enjoy getting to know these thoughtful women who brought me so much clarity.


The book ends making the point that humanity has caused all of this religious drama. We have taken these beautiful things that should be bringing us closer together and have twisted it to something that breads hate and rips us farther apart. That maybe there were three paths sent down from above. That maybe we need to decided or be born into the path that is best for us. Maybe when the day of judgement comes we will be judged on which path we walked and how well we walked it.

Now these were not the thoughts of religious scholars but they spoke to me. I thought about them for along time and the thoughts brought me peace. The idea that good people who follow their faith, bring positive things into this world and further peace among people will be allowed into the Kingdom of Heaven. That sounds like the God that I know. The God that I grew up with and have faith in. The God that gives grace to all of his people.

I left Morocco with a gift I could have never seen coming. The gift of truly understanding my religious believes and being able to stand firm in what I believe. I left Morocco as the Catholic that I have always been, but with a clarity I have never had before.

Part 3 – From Catholic to Muslim – Faith Converted – coming soon


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