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Our Little Eid

So Hdubs and I don’t always get along… shocker right?!?! At first I always questioned if it was a Moroccan thing or a man thing. So like any good newlywed, I called my mom. Every time I would think that she would say “it’s a Moroccan thing” so I could look at it with more of a cross-cultural point of view. Every time… she let me down. It was ALWAYS a man thing! I mean I love Hdubs and I would not trade him for the world, but I had this idea that he would be a little different than the American version of his species.

All of that brings me to Eid. As you know we just finished fasting for Ramadan and we celebrated with Eid. I try and make a big deal out of holidays because it’s usually just the two of us. We go to the Mosque, come home and have a nice meal and sometimes meet up with my family. This year I really felt like I did Ramadan. I had good meals on the table, I fasted, we went nightly to prayer. I felt like I really accomplished something so I wanted to make sure our Eid breakfast was good.

Of course we had all of our sweets, fruit, coffee, tea and dates, but I wanted to put a little protein out there too. So I boiled egg and colored them (read: yep just like Easter) I used the little wax crayon that comes with the kit to draw Eid messages and stars on them and I thought they were a great addition to our table. Hdubs (having other issues with the Easter Bunny pooping eggs and chocolate) was not to impressed. He looked at them and said that fasting must have messed with my brain because this is not the right holiday for those! (He is just as sassy as I am).


Anyway I thought the eggs turned out cute and I will mostly like be doing them again next year. Our holiday went fast and everyone had a good time and was full, which really was the main point anyway.

Stay tuned to see what I did with the egg dye…. you didn’t think I through it out did you?


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