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Mint – It’s kinda a big deal

Mint …. Moroccans are serious about their mint. The national drink of Morocco is mint tea and you must drink it. Moroccans will say it’s ok if you don’t want too, but seriously you must drink it.

Don’t worry the mint is seeping in the pot #thereisalwaysmint

Now I thought mint would be easy too find. We will buy and life will be great. Shocker — I was wrong. I did not realize how many different kinds of mint there are. So we spend months without mint until one day when we went to the farmers market and stopped by the Hmong table. Hdubs was in heaven… it was his mint… his Moroccan mint right here on this table a whole big bushel for a dollar.

This was great during the summer time and when we could get to the farmers market… but when we couldn’t or when it was winter… which since we live in Wisconsin it’s most of the year. So for several weeks months Hdubs would go mint-less or settle for the stuff at the grocery store. At one point I ordered special seeds online and try to grow mint… it didn’t work… which is strange because mint is supposta be fast and aggressive… so probably got ripped off.

Fast forward to last week. We made some FRIENDS! Now this is a big deal because we are kind home bodies and when we are not at home we are with family doing some sort of crazy thing. Any way, we have friends now. (#winning). So we go over to our friends house and they have mint tea… not just any mint but Moroccan mint (Hmong mint =same thing).

I mention that I am planning on going to the farmers market to get mint in the morning. They knew exactly what I was talking about, Hmong mint. She said “you know they sell that in their store all year round”. WHAT?!?! No I did not know this….. this is why we need friends. He said “and you know that you can plant it and grow by putting the mint you buy in the ground and watering it.” NO! I did NOT know this……. where was this glorious information 2 years ago! Again this is why we NEED friends.

So in case you were wondering we have since purchased our mint, soil and new planter. I will let you know how it goes. We have also been to all three Asian Grocery Stores that we know of and found several other delights. (Taffy, gummies, marshmallows (no more ordering online in bulk) lots of juices Hdub likes)





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