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No Spend Month?!?!

Ok so I have always thought about doing this ….. but I never have. A month where you only buy what you need…. meaning gas, food that you need (ie. try to eat out of your cupboard and freezer first… might get a little like Chopped around here.) medical supplies and pay your bills… anything else is outlawed.

There are several goals with this month of no spending… easy to track your money, use what you have before it spoils, realize what you can go with out … and I’m sure others that are just not coming to me right now. (Ok I’m still trying to talk myself into this) However I think it will be good. August is a dangerous month for me.. I mean school supplies are everywhere, back to school sales are everywhere and I love a good sale or a good school supply. But here is the thing… I don’t NEED either.

I am starting a new job and I have no idea what school supplies I might need to do it well. Also I have so many used school supplies that I could open my own shop. Also I have bought enough LuLaRoe this summer to have no need for school clothes. (I may be wearing LuLa everyday this school year!) It also means that I will be busy getting my classroom ready and have no time to go out to lunch, for pedi’s or other fun money wasters… right?

Then there is this genetic thing problem that I have. I buy all the craft stuff to create all the crafts and then never end up doing all the crafts… so really August might not be the best month for doing all the crafts (there are alot of crafts sitting around this house) but I could start with a few. (Like the cross stitch owl blanket that I am epically failing at…..Grandma you should just really take it away)  So there defiantly won’t be the problem of boredom … but that’s never really been a concern in our house! 🙂

To do this month of no spending it does take a little planning. You need to figure out what’s on your upcoming calendar and is a month of no spending realistic… I mean if you are going on vacation in the middle of the month, maybe wait til next month. For us August is ok… a few things that will mean extra gas (gas is not something that we waste a ton of so I’m not worried) but no big things like vacation. We are also starting to feel like our house is bursting at the seems, which feels like a good time to do a month of no spending. So we can start using things up and maybe even spend sometime getting rid of things we don’t need/want.

Some of the tips I’ve read are:

Print a calendar and check the days off.

Make sure you have snacks and mini meals with you so you don’t stop somewhere. 

Use free community resources like your library when you are feeling restless. 

Plan out your meals and stick to the plan. (Helps use up the things in your kitchen)

Host coffee, meals, girls nights so you can still hangout with friends but control what’s going on. 

Be working towards a reward at the end. (My reward is going to be a Carly from LuLaRoe! I want one soooo bad!!! Read: Should be very motivating)


As always I would love for you to join me on this journey …. even thought I’m not giving you that much time to prepare. 🙂 If you do  join me I would LOVE to hear how it’s going… because trust me you will hear how it’s going from this side.


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