Unique Footprint is a little look into how we are making our way in our crazy world. We are an interfaith multicultural family who makes it up as we go.

I am an elementary school counselor for at least 180 days out of the year. For the other 185 days a year I love to cook, organize and decorate our home (budget included) and spend time with family. Here’s the catch… 1/2 of our family lives 1/2 way around the world. 🙂 H-dubs is recent Moroccan immigrant. (and no we did not meet in a chat room on the internet, however feel free to ask about our story) Together we are figuring out how to mix our two families, cultures and faiths to make one grateful family. Our journey will not be easy, but we do try to be real and have fun. We have the best of intentions on this adventure, but we will keep you posted

Wedding Rose

I started this blog to keep my self organized and sane! Crazy I know! I love to cook, freezer cook, and make from scratch and pin all sorts of awesome recipes. However the problem was that I never had time to meal plan each week. Some weeks I would have plenty of time and we would eat great and then other weeks I would have no time and if there were no freezer meal dinner could get interesting. So i started my blog that way I can sit down and organize all of those wonderful recipes when I have the time.

Ok so that was the organize part but the sane part has to do with work and life. I needed a place to share our journey as crazy as it is. I also needed a place to talk about work stuff and brainstorm out of the box things to do with kids. I love my job but sometimes I can’t control my passion for things like data and instead of drive my co-workers nuts I thought I could just share here. (I also love all the other school related blogs)


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