Maybe start with “How can I help you today?”

So if you have been keeping up with us you know that we went on a road trip  (it was awesome!). We got home and the oil light came on. (Worst thing that could happen) Fast forward we got a new car!! Exciting right!?!

In truth I love the car and it’s going to be great for some of the life changes we should have coming. However when you buy something you do have to pay for it…. this is where the struggle bus stopped by. I mean the payment is not the problem … the bank is the problem. Let me give you a play by play of my afternoon.

Get the mail – Great the first car payment came! (Ok well not super excited but fact of life and at least it didn’t get lost in the mail?!)

Open the bill due in 5 days…. WHAT?!? It just came in the mail… can I even get it back to them in 5 days? (Maybe it did get lost in the mail?) Whatever I guess it doesn’t matter because I usually pay online anyway.

Sit down with my popcorn ready to watch some tv and set up my online bill pay. Should be easy … like every other family we do almost everything online. At first things we going well…login … check! password … check! paperless statements …check! Click to pay bill…. NOT check…. Please call 1-800-*********** to remedy the issue with your account.

I HATE those words. There could not be worse words spoken or written. But being the responsible fool… I call. Biggest regret I have. After being cut off twice for not having an account number I finally get a little farther in automated system and 10 minutes later I get a person! #winning #notreally Real person can not help me because I do not have a checking account with them… back to the automated system.

Finally another person… “Can I get your name and account number?” “Sure” “I’m sorry I can’t find your account… do you have any other names?” (Yes let me start with the name I use when I smuggle ivory out of eastern Africa??) ” I have a maiden name.” “Oh yes your account is under your maiden name … also you address is incorrect….”

You can about imagine how this conversation kept going…. turns out that because 10 years ago I had an account with them (a now closed account). Do when the new account open they linked them and changed everything to my maiden name and my parents address. THIS is WHY I can’t make any payments online. This is also where I ask my STUPID question for the night. “Ok… How can we fix this?”

” Ok Miss I can reset your account but that will take 2-3 days to reset, however to correct your name and address you will need to come physical location and bring proof.” “WHAT?!? That’s not going to work for me … your nearest location is 3 hours away.
You need to come up with a different solution since you all created the problem.” “I can have the loan department call you on Monday.” “Ok great… but how do I make the payment in the mean time.” “You can make the payment over the phone with me.” “Great!” (Cause you have been so helpful so far!– please read the sarcasm)

Thank God I love the new car. I do not love the new loan company… not one bit.



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