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Making some new stuff!

So to partner with our new meal planner and going back to school we have been experimenting again in the kitchen! As you know I LOVE freezer meals! (A big reason is because I can’t cook for two so I always put half in the freezer!) Since we use freezer meals a lot I knew we… Continue reading Making some new stuff!

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Free Planner! #prepingforfall

Ok maybe I should have said Meal Planner… but if you know me this blog at all you maybe saw that coming! 🙂 For the last two years I have been struggling with using meal planners, meal planner printables and shopping lists made by other people. It works … kinda. However I usually end up… Continue reading Free Planner! #prepingforfall

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Marriage is about winning

About five years ago my wonderful and happily married parents let me know the secret to staying married. They said it’s all about who is winning. I know that might sound like bad advice but they just celebrated 32 years of marriage and they are truly happy. I believe the conversation about winning happened at the same… Continue reading Marriage is about winning